Morche Designs uses the latest embroidery design software from industry leader, Wilcom.  As a result we can provide you with the best possible digitizing and largest digital collection of fonts in the marketplace.

The Wilcom software is built on a core of unrivalled complex stitch processing algorithms which means that what you create and see on your screen are the exact needle penetrations your machine will stitch. There’s also a whole lot of intelligence working in the background to account for fabric pull compensation, design resizing and other parameters to produce machine-friendly designs and beautiful results!


Perfect Lettering

Perfect Lettering

Lettering is a huge part of the everyday embroiderer’s work. With our Wilcom software  that provides easy-to-use tools that give us the precision we need and the famous Wilcom lettering quality – right down to 4mm letters!




Morche Designs currently uses three of the latest embroidery machines from industry leader, Melco.

AMAYA XTS Multi-Head
Today's embroidery production demands are diverse. The AMAYA XTS multi-tasking abilities and network functionality enables businesses to take full advantage of consumer demand.

AMAYA XTS is versatile, its multi-head configurations can adapt to all production demands. Head for head, there is no comparison. These systems produce work orders not possible on conventional machines. Plus, the independent systems are not affected by single thread breaks like conventional machines, which shut down production of all heads. In addition to the ability to handle large production jobs, the heads can operate independently to fulfill small personalization orders and samples.